Sep 15, 2009

Obama's Kanye Judgment Caught on Tape [Audiuhoh]

Well, this is just fine: some patriotic jester has leaked TMZ an audio clip of Obama calling Kanye West a "jackass." America needs to listen to this tape and know the truth: Our president is a totally normal dude.

While the White House maybe would not have chosen to leak this audio (or would they?), the only people who'll be able to hate on Obama for this tape will be Glenn Beck, and...Glenn Beck. Obama's agreeing with the Republican position here! As he has in the past! Rappers need to stop acting like jerks! The rest of the tape is just him shooting the shit with the press corps, which also serves him well by fostering the common man's daydream of maybe hanging out with the prez one day. Chilling.

And does anybody actually care that ABC's Terry Moran tweeted this crap, then deleted it, because maybe this HOT story was off the record? No, it is just a talking point. Using off-camera footage is a fine tradition in the media. Look at any Michael Moore movie. And as you hear Obama on this clip, jokingly asking for things to be off the record after he already called the world's most famous hip hop artist a 'jackass,' in a room full of reporters, it's clear that he doesn't really give a shit. Neither should anyone else.

It is kinda funny though.

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