Sep 14, 2009

Chris Matthews Shoves the Constitition Down Blago's Throat [Screaming Heads]

Hell hath no fury like Chris Matthews when politicians try to do something that they can't technically do.

Apparently, Blago and Rahm Emmanuel thought they could appoint someone to Rahm's Congressional seat, or at least they thought it enough to have a conversation about it. And Chris Matthews is fit to be tied.

"There's never," says Matthews, ready to leap through the screen and ring Blago's neck, "never in the history of this country, since the republic was formed, anyone ever appointed to the House!" Governors, you know, don't appoint to the House only to the Senate. Blago, clearly not knowing where to go with this and unable to reveal the contents of the now-under-investigation phone call, stumbles and says, more or less, yeah, well we sorta just talked. You know, it was a couple guys, and we were talking.

Which drives Matthews even crazier. Were you stupid? Are you saying Rahm Emmanuel is stupid? Is he stupid? If he is stupid, what does that make me?

Finally, pushed into a corner, Matthews is given no choice but to take out his handy Constitution and make that darn Blago listen to every word.

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