Sep 14, 2009

This Is No Way to Run a War on Terror, Mr. President [Competence]

U.S. Commandos have killed one of the Al Quaeda operatives behind the African embassy attacks, and counterterrorism agents just disrupted an active terror cell in Queens, N.Y. Where are the alarm bells?

ABC News reported this morning that a U.S. helicopter gunship in Somalia killed Saleh Ali Nabhan (pictured), who helped plan the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, and who masterminded the 2002 bombing of a resort in Mombassa, Kenya.

Separately, the FBI just raided residences in Queens as part of an investigation to head off a "very real" and "urgent" threat, according to the AP.

Shouldn't there be martial trumpets sounding through the streets? Isn't this the part where the President of the United States holds up the head of this Nabhan fellow from the White House portico and eats his heart to steal his strength? Shouldn't someone be talking about how Barney Frank wanted to give him Miranda rights? It's just so strange having a rational, post-adolescent president.

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