Sep 16, 2009

Yale Murder Suspect's Old MySpace Page [Yale Murder]

Oh, yes, yes, YES! In the grand tradition of American psychos, alleged Yale murder suspect Ray Clark has an internet presence. And, as testimony to his backward ways, it's a MySpace account. Do people really still use MySpace? Well, no. Not Raymond, at least, for his apparent account hasn't been activated since 2006, which was, like, a billion years ago. Still, his profile does reveal some interesting tidbits, like the fact that he likes porn. A lot. And in many media form.

Also, according to what appears to be his "about me" section, he's a big fucking homo who enjoys filling your life with his ass gas: "Hello my name is homo ray i fart on people." In addition to social flatulence, he wants to meet your mom so that he can "fuck" her. So romantic! And here we thought all alleged psycho killers were freaks.

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