Sep 1, 2009

Which Actresses Are Popping the Pills? [Blind Items]

Is everyone in Hollywood on drugs? These days the place sounds like a campy movie with Patty Duke. One actress slips them in her Starbucks and the other chews them on the plane. Gimme my dolls!

1. "These two stars went out on a shopping trip and were photographed recently. Both carried drinks and shopping bags and looked like they were having a great time. Apparently one of them was having a really good time! Our source said they saw the star crushing up several little white pills and mixing it in her drink before heading out to be snapped by the paps! Not Reese and Jake." [BuzzFoto]

2. "It has been a big week for those Academy Award nominated/winning actresses and their drugs. In this week's adventure, this barely a B Academy Award nominee/winner (different from last week's druggie) was boarding a flight to Europe when she realized she had a handful of OxyContin in her purse but no prescription. Instead of throwing them away she decided to take the entire handful before proceeding through security. Then, she and her child and nanny all boarded the plane. Our actress stayed conscious for about 45 minutes which the nanny found remarkable." [CDaN]

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