Sep 3, 2009

"Jihad" No Longer Bad Name in Germany [What's In A Name?]

Germany apparently has quite the strict laws for when it comes to naming your children, and has recently taken a stand against "Peppermint," "Sputnik" and "Tom-Tom." But not "Jihad!"

German citizens are absolutely beside themselves after a court there ruled that Reda Seyam, an alleged Islamic fanatic who has been flagged by the nation's intelligence service, can name his child "Djehad," which is akin to "Jihad."

Authorities in Berlin had originally prohibited the name, but now, three years later and thousands of tax-payer dollars later, he has been given the go-ahead, which is good for the kid, who no doubt would have some trouble transitioning to "Hans."

Image via belTRON's flickr.

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