Aug 31, 2009

Fancy Water Bottles Full of Cancer Chemicals [God At Work]

Haha: Those shockingly expensive Sigg water bottles beloved by yuppies and hippies for being free of some specific deadly chemical did in fact contain that deadly chemical. Do we spy the hand of The Creator?

Sigg's CEO posted a letter on the company's website this month saying, hmm, oh yea, just to let you know, so you don't get the wrong idea, our shockingly expensive water bottles produced before one year ago do have that chemical, BPA, that will probably give you cancer and whatnot, the freedom from which is the whole reason you bought this stupid water bottle in the first place. God exists, QED.

Luckily, Ad Age reports, several other wildly overpriced yuppie/ hippie water bottle companies are rushing in to fill the void. As are empty Gatorade bottles.

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