Sep 2, 2009

Horrible, Repugnant 9/11 Ad: The Video! [Badvertising]

What's worse than making a 9/11-themed ad? Making a 9/11-themed video!

While we all now know that WWF doesn't endorse the ad made in its name, let's all take a moment to wonder why, oh why, Brazil-based agency DDB BRASIL thought such a thing was a good idea.... Okay, now that the moment has passed... WTF? Really? Who in their right mind would think that using a terrorist attack would drive an earth-friendly message home? Also, we don't want to be sticklers, but the 9/11 attacks killed more than the number put forth by this commercial.

DDB Brasil insists the commercial was nothing but a rough draft, but STILL... Seriously?!

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