Sep 1, 2009

Sell! Borrow! Succeed! [Recessionomics]

The Way We Live Now: Sell! Sell! Sell! Sell it all! Sell it off! Take! Take the money out! Take it! Sorry. Just had to dump stocks from that "rally," ha. Anyhow: loan sharks are back!

What has been going on in "the market" today, you may ask? Sell! Sell! Sell! The stock market was on a big tear the last week or so and now everybody is selling everything off as fast as possible because, as we all know, the US financial system is built on a foundation of rotten balsa wood, and the termites have been hungry lately.

People are especially selling off their financial stocks because, ha, you invested in that??

Not to fear, foolish investors! Your friendly neighborhood loan shark is ready and willing to give you a much-needed loan, as well as maybe a shark bite (from a gun). Shop around! Interest rates range from 60% to 2347%, so don't just jump at the first usurious deal you hear!

Hey, it's better than selling your parents, right? Eh? Well what kind of price are we talking, here?

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