Sep 3, 2009

Time to Work Yourself to Death [Recessionomics]

The Way We Live Now: On the job. Who can afford to retire? Who can afford to take a vacation? Who can afford to stop thinking about making money for one single instant? Nobody we know.

It used to be that people worked for a long time, then retired. Nowadays, nobody retires. We work unto death.

You know what there is more of, these days? Student loan debt. Yep. Your student loan debt. Do not stop working to pay it off, whatever you do.

You know what else you see more of these days? Incredible stress levels, among business owners. Because of money. But what can they do? Stop working, forever, to pay off their student loans, and then to pay off their small business loans, and then finally their retirement years, until one day they just fall down right there on the job, dead, wondering where their lives went? Don't be foolish.

Hell, why do you think a full 50% of Americans are now working on marijuana plantations deep in the Western forests, and then baking that marijuana into brownies and selling them to preschool teachers who get totally fucked up in class? Hmm?

It's probably due to stupidity. But it could be the recession, too.

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