Sep 2, 2009

The Sex and the City Plot Guessing Game Makes Our Brain Bleed [What's Happening?]

Now that the first paparazzi pics from the set of the sequel are flooding the internet, everyone is trying to guess what they mean. The Daily News thought they had the scoop, but they were wrong. Kinda.

The paper points out that Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw was snapped filming a scene without a wedding ring. It's true! We ran a picture too! From that they surmise that Carrie will end up single again. But later in the day, Parker and Chris "Mr. Big" Noth filmed a scene when they were both wearing wedding rings. Does that mean they're divorcing? Or maybe they get divorced, and are single, and then they remarry. Maybe Carrie gets divorced and then she remarries Miranda in Connecticut (the ladies can do that there) so that Carrie can raise a red-headed stepchild of her own. Or maybe one is a dream sequence. Oh, this game makes our head hurt more than a night of cosmo and cougar sex talk with the girls!

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