Sep 3, 2009

PR Lady Thief Was Really Big Thief [Crime]

Oh shoot, fashion PR person Mallory Montilla was some sort of career criminal or possibly a kleptomaniac, if you believe the cops, at least. Or is she a sad victim of mean girls?

Last week Mallory was arrested for boosting nearly $100k worth of jewelry belonging to clients of the PR firm where she used to work. Daily Intel posited that hey, maybe she was the victim of mean girls at her job. Those mean girls must be really mean, and also well connected in law enforcement, because now Mallory's also charged with stealing $13,000 worth of clothes from Bergdorf Goodman when she worked in PR for them two years ago.

The names of all the designers of things that she's accused of stealing do show up in the news stories. But that's probably not so much "devious fashion PR girls wiping out an enemy and getting client media placement in one fell swoop" as it is "in the police report." We're guessing!

In any case PR people are criminals and swag is poison.

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