Aug 14, 2009

Twitter Inc.'s Not-So-Private Moments [Lifecasting]

Barely two months ago, Twitter staff were said to barely use their own service. Now they're in danger of turning into a bunch of Julia Allisons.

Earlier this week, co-founder Evan Williams and his wife live-tweeted a labor, as well as the first moments of their baby son's life. Plus his naming. It was all very sweet.

Now Alex Payne, who heads up Twitter's API team, has announced the news of his engagement, and posted a picture of the ring. So did his fiancée, with the caption, "LOOK WHO'S ENGAGED, BITCHES!!"

It's all very w00t worthy, but what's with the wave of private moments from Twitter staff? When the third one hits, we're just going to come out and ask whether there's some kind of internal bonus program or something. In the meantime, we'll just congratulate them, both on their moments and their candor.

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