Aug 12, 2009

Commie Bastard Saves Nation From Golf [Rich People Games]

Hugo Chavez runs Venezuela like a little kid playing "If I Was President," just randomly banning things that displease him. Which, at rare intervals, results in him doing something awesome. He is the first leader brave enough to destroy golf!

Many a young suburban revolutionary who's had the misfortune of growing up in a golf course-infested community has dreamt of banishing the rich from golf courses and building homes for the homeless on the fairways, or, alternately, just covering the whole course in pee, for fun. Hugo Chavez is making up for lots of monomaniacal, dictatorial tendencies by saying: Fuck Golf.

"Let's leave this clear," Mr. Chávez said during a live broadcast of his Sunday television program. "Golf is a bourgeois sport," he said, repeating the word "bourgeois" as if he were swallowing castor oil. Then he went on, mocking the use of golf carts as a practice illustrating the sport's laziness.

Haha, but then they are actually closing down golf courses in Venezuela because Hugo doesn't like them. In one town they are literally "considering building low-income homes on the golf course." It's your freshman year blunts-n-bullshit session (New Che Wall Poster Edition) come to life!

Fuck golf.

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