Aug 13, 2009

Streetwear Brand Now Has No Brand And That's Its Brand [Fashion Epistemology]

If you are unfortunate enough to have tastes and budget in clothing similar to mine, you may own several Freshjive shirts. Keep them! The entire Freshjive brand is disappearing. It's going "brandless." Is that even philosophically possible?

Not really, no! It has, of course, been tried before. But then the flagrant non-branding itself becomes like a brand, and etc. down the rabbit hole. Still! It's one of those maybe-futile gestures that you have to admire, at least for the sentiment. Assuming it's genuine:

Throughout the years I've become uncomfortable with this business of branding and brand identity. I'm not the type of person that buys something for the brand name. I've also never done a very good job at creating a captivating identity to our own brand logo. Also, within the streetwear culture, the promotion of a company's brand has become downright silly to me.

If this raises the future eBay resale value of my Freshjive shirts I am all for it. In a few years they'll be throwback and not all cookie-cutter like all these robots wearing the "no brand" Freshjive shit.

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