Aug 13, 2009

Jackson Family Finally Puts a Price on Michael's Death [Victory Tour]

LaToya wants to dance with stars. Jermaine wants a tribute concert. Now, mom Katherine wants them all to reunite for a touring extravaganza of mourning. So, how much is each Jackson worth?

Different amounts, depending on just how much they loved Michael. The Daily Beast says that a new deal from concert promoter All Good Entertainment would have the Jackson 8, fronted by Janet Jackson, performing in 10 venues for $12 million. Janet would get $4 million; Jermaine, Jackie, Marlon, Tito, and Randy would each get $1.5 million; LaToya would get $500K; and Rebbie would only get $250K. Damn, that is fucked up! "Centipede" is our jam.

Apparently family infighting and Janet's reluctance to let everyone ride on her malfunctioning coattails is keeping the deal from going through. They better hurry up, Michael isn't going to be just dead forever.

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