Aug 11, 2009

New Michael Jackson Documentary Coming On Halloween Weekend, Fittingly [Hollywood]

Using more than 80 hours of footage captured during rehearsals for his ill-fated London concert series, Sony Pictures is set to release a Michael Jackson documentary in late October. Great.

This means that as the film's release date (Oct. 30th) approaches, we'll all be treated to more interviews with Jackson family members as well every bizarre Michael Jackson hanger-on under the sun, just like we have every day for the last few weeks! Goodness gracious Mable.

Reports the LA Times:

Although several studios expressed interest, Sony emerged the winner by agreeing to pay Jackson's estate and AEG Live at least $60 million for the film rights.

As part of the deal, Sony will deduct the cost of making the movie from the $60-million minimum. After covering its costs for distribution and marketing, it then will split the rest of the film's revenue with the Jackson Estate and AEG via a complex formula that was redacted from a copy of the agreement filed in court.

The film, to be directed by High School Musical director Kenny Ortega, is titled This Is It and will be released worldwide. It'll include some 3-D scenes, which means I'll definitely be seeing it, as will all of you, because who can possibly resist seeing MJ moonwalk in 3-D? Um, nobody!

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