Feb 23, 2010

Will Sarah Palin Meet a Gay Person? [Clash Of The Titans]

The announced guests for Jay Leno's second show back at 11:35 are snowboarder/cannabis enthusiast Shaun White and television personality Sarah Palin. Which is a weird enough couch. But is the musical guest going to be Adam Lambert?

Mr. Lambert, the noted glitter spider from Gay Mars, announced on his own (amazing and intense) website that he will be appearing on Leno on Tuesday, March 2.

NBC's schedule does not mention this!

So: is Lambert still set for March 2 on The Tonight Show or was he bumped for Sarah Palin's first late-night talk show sit-down interview? (And how could she do this to Conan?!)

One thing we are sure of is that Jay Leno will not ask Sarah a single interesting or notable question (though he may encourage her to trash Dave Letterman, because why not). We do hope we get at least one shot of Sarah Palin and Adam Lambert in the same place at the same time, for posterity's sake.

(Also, for the record, Sarah Palin has one gay friend who "happens to have made a choice" that isn't a "choice" Palin would've made. She has never revealed the idenity of this gay friend, though. Maybe it's Adam!)

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