Feb 23, 2010

Economy Almost Good Enough for Rich to Start Rubbing Our Noses In Their Private Jets Again [The Rich]

Gas up your private jets, rich people: The economy has improved almost to the point that you can start flying around without getting shot down by a Stinger missile of economic populism.

According to the Times, the ultimate symbol of plutocratic excess, has slowly been slowly inching back toward acceptably gauche. One reason for this is that private jets are cheap now, since all the corporations got rid of their jets in the hopes that exposing themselves to us norms in business class would convince us that, yes, we would rather have these execs get belligerently drunk on tiny bottles of Jack Daniels in their own planes. And rich people began understanding also how much it sucks to have to fly commercial.

Fred Reid, the president of a charter flight company, told the Times:

One of the things that has happened is that people, for whatever reasons - financial distress, concern at the board level about public and employee perception - had to go to commercial aviation. And for people who hadn't done that in a while, they're suddenly reminded of how utterly, dreadfully inefficient that is.

If you think that's dreadful, wait until you try not having millions and millions of dollars.

[Pic Brent Danley]

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