Feb 23, 2010

Anna Wintour Probably Hates Having Such a Big Fuss Made About Her [Media Crack]

In your fill-in Monday media column, journalistic panhandling fails, dick jokes meet the holy land and Anna Wintour gets the recognition she's been waiting so long for.

Anna Wintour has been elected to the Hall of Fame of the American Society of Magazine Editors, and will attend some gala thing, probably contingent on ASME using its young picture of the Vogue editor, taken post-bob but pre-sunglasses (like the one at left). ASME said, "Anna Wintour has exemplified the highest standards of taste, in both journalism and fashion." Now she's officially famous, too.

The Miami Herald will no longer solicit voluntary donations at the end of its online articles, following a presumably very sad two-month trial. So much for the New York Times's secret "Baghdad Bureau Tip Jar" plan.

To promote Israeli tourism to college kids, a "prominent" advocacy group created a video ad campaign comparing the country to a small penis. Because little wieners are so hot on campus right now.

To supplement its freelance army of semi-robotic "Seed" reporters, AOL has hired two (more) fancy high-end journalists, former Associated Press editor Marty Steinberg and author Gene Marcial. They join former New York Times tech reporter Saul Hansell at the internet conglomerate. Related: A "cyborg" is defined as a robot with health insurance.

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