Feb 23, 2010

Comments of the Day: Stranger Danger [We Read You]

Beep boop, whir clank whir, boop borp. That was computers, making noises all day. Some of those noises are made by you, saying various things to/at us. Let's look at our favorite thing that you computer-said at us today.

In a post about how to share your taxicabs with strangers, which is a new mandatory New York thing, a commenter named Skeetz said:

Oh Good. It's CabRoulette.

Which, Ha. Timely joke.

Also, HughJackmanOffForMoney (what a name) had this suggestion for Darby O'Palin and the Glitter People:

If Jay had balls:

Mid-Palin interview the lights go out. Then the thumping techno music cranks as disco light engulfs the theatre. Palin becomes (even more) confused. Lambert gets lowered to the stage from the ceiling and proceeds to pelvic-thrust inches from Palin's face until she leaves.

We just like the idea of using Adam Lambert thrusting his crotch into faces as a means to get people out of your house. "Gee, hun, the Turners sure do stay late at a dinner party..." "Release the Adam Lambert!"

Goodnight, Monday.

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