Feb 25, 2010

New Jersey's GOP Governor Puts Sexxxpert in Charge of Little Boys and Girls [Sextoys]

Gov. Chris Christie, whose red-candidate-in-a-blue-state election as governor of New Jersey was a victory for Teabagging culture warriors everywhere, named sex doctor to head the state's Department of Children and Family Services. And her sex toys are illegal in Mexico.

Earlier this month, Christie nominated Janet Rosenzweig to head up New Jersey's DCFS. Rosenzweig has an extensive and distinguished career in human and mental health services. She's also the acting executive director of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality. Oh, stop giggling! The SSSS is a legitimate scholarly organization that seeks a more deep and rigorous understanding of our sexual lives. Just because the group tried, and failed, to smuggle a dazzling array of sex toys into Mexico to hand out at its 2009 board meeting in Puerto Vallarta is no reason to snicker. This page from the group's January 2010 newsletter gets some laughs out of the fact that its party favors were "too hot for Mexico":

Now we're all for qualified professionals who happen to enjoy handing out free We-Vibes and vibrating cock-ring condoms at Mexican getaways serving the families and children of New Jersey. So more power to Rosenzweig. But since Christie's political party has made a bloodsport out of demonizing Obama administration officials because they've talked about sex to adolescents, we're sincerely hoping the Teabaggers and other folks who launched a jihad against Ken Jennings might be interested in starting to eat their own young. Have at it, kids!

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