Feb 23, 2010

Guys, Isn't Betty White Too Old to Do SNL By Herself? [Worries]

Betty White, beloved old lady of the moment, might be hosting Saturday Night Live, as fans have been clamoring for, just not by herself. It might be with a team of comediennes. Some folks don't like this idea. Really guys?

The lady, spry and snappy as she may still be, is 88 years old. You want her to do an hour-and-a-half long live show until one in the morning? Certain far younger adults can't handle that ordeal. White is hilarious and good for a few zingers while accepting an award or popping up on a talk show, but hurrying through those quick-changes and shouldering the bulk of sketches, not to mention monologue duty? It would just make us nervous. Plus who wants to see wonderful old Betty White suffer through that Jars of Beer/Model T Cars skit or Whut Up With That?

We hope that Lorne Michaels and Co. go ahead with this multiple funny women idea, but give Betty the real A Material and a fun part of the monologue. Let the others trudge through the rest of the muck. We love Betty White and, sure, maybe she could power through it. But how much would any of us really enjoy the show, being so anxious the whole time about a nice old lady getting confused or something? We've all seen our fair share of terrifying hosts (sorry, but she was) and just don't want that negative association put on Ms. White's head. There's so much embarrassment potential with hosting SNL, and subjecting an 88-year-old woman to that seems cruel.

(Above pic is Betty White shooting me in the face for being an ageist jerk.)

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