Feb 23, 2010

Whoops! Rolling Stone Is Not on the Internet Anymore [Internet]

Rolling Stone, the 40-year-old music/culture magazine, doesn't have a website anymore. Jann Wenner must've let the domain expire while he was shredding all those Monkees Hall of Fame ballots. (Now we'll never know who the 14th-best guitarist ever was!) [Via]

Update: Wenner Media says they didn't let the domain expire, but rather that this was just a "glitch." Vague! But the site will be up and running again soon. And not a moment too soon: we can't remember if the last Maroon 5 album was worth three or three-and-a-half stars! Did Peter Travers think Dear John was the most romantic American movie since The Notebook or just since The Time Traveler's Wife? Is Matt Taibbi mad about something???

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