Dec 24, 2009

Tired Harry Reid Almost Accidentally Kills Health Care Reform [Whoops]

Nevada Senator Harry Reid has been pulling a few too many all-nighters trying to push the health care bill through the senate. When it came time to vote for Reid to vote on his own baby, he accidentally said "no."

According to the Times' Prescriptions Blog:

The majority leader of the United States Senate, Harry Reid of Nevada, on the verge of making history by shepherding through landmark health care legislation, was called upon by the clerk to cast his vote.

And Mr. Reid, who has fought, night and day, nail and tooth, for months to get the health care bill adopted, looked up from his desk and said: "No."

For a millisecond there was silence in the chamber. Had he lost it? Was he joking?

Within half a second, Mr. Reid had switched his vote to "yes."

And after 25 straight days of bitter, partisan debate, senators on both sides of the aisle busted up laughing


Reid would later chalk up the gaffe to being "bushed" after spending months working on the bill. We know the feeling, Reid. Last month we pulled an all-nighter to hit a deadline. The next morning we were so out of it we accidentally poured orange juice in our cereal instead of milk!

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