Dec 21, 2009

Nightlife is New York City's Only Substantial Export [Nightlife]

The Box is opening in Moscow! Amy Sacco is still going strong in London. Looks like Manhattan's party scene is better in other countries than here. But get ready, along with the "new Beatrice," 2010 is bringing a reopened Bungalow 8.

On Daily Intel, Spencer Morgan alerted us to an email that Little Miss Sacco sent out last Friday that said, "SAVE FEB FASHION WEEK FOR THE GRAND RE-OPENING OF THE NEW BUNGALOW 8 NYC!" She had to use all caps, because she was screaming it from across the Atlantic. Ever since rumors of the once über-exclusive club closing started in earnest, Sacco started telling everyone she was just redoing the venue. Now she's either sticking to the party line or she's actually going through with it.

More curious is Lower East Side burlesque palace The Box's move to Moscow, which Morgan jokes would be "first installment in [co-owner Simon] Hammerstein's vision of a worldwide chain." He didn't have many details on what to expect, other than that it would target oligarch money (duh) and be tamer than the NYC version, which means patrons will only be allowed to smoke cigarettes inside and the vaginas on stage will not be allowed to sing or dance like they often do in Manhattan. We circumstantially corroborated the Moscow deal with a reader sighting of Richard Kimmel, the executive director of The Box, "at T.G.I. Fridays in friggn' Moscow airport with douchebag entourage that won't stop leaning on my chair and talking loudly about themselves." Looks like a worldwide chain is Richard Kimmel's favorite kind of place.

Since we don't manufacture anything in the city anymore, at least we can still ship our glamour to foreign shores. We can't wait for the opening of Beijing's Beatrice Inn and Jakarta's Boom Boom Room. We're so there.

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