Dec 24, 2009

Joy! Wonder! Hasselhoff! Whales Dressed as Snowmen! [Hope Roundup]

The holidays are a time for hope, and drinking to excess. Both promote a rosy view of the world. Which might explain all the most-wonderful-time-of-the-year-type stories that abound today. Perfect if you're about to kill a relative/airline representative.

  • Kids are believing in Santa Claus for longer!
  • The jobless rate is, unexpectedly, going down. It's a Christmas miracle!
  • People are drinking tea, and having tea-parties, in a completely literal sense that has nothing to do with Glenn Beck. Tea is a good thing!
  • Apple's tablet will probably be out at the end of January. And we all know that it will save journalism. Joy!
  • And finally, a zoo in Japan, Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, has dressed white beluga whales as snowmen!

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