Dec 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Soldiers! You Can Now Knock Each Other Up! [War Is Hell]

Soldiers in Iraq were, until today, likely to face disciplinary action for getting pregnant or getting another soldier pregnant. Not any more!

It makes sense that a bunch of young people in peak physical condition thrown together would... go on exercises. But a CNN story today reveals the scandals afoot under the command of Major General Anthony Cucolo (who put the rules in place for the 22,000 troops, including 1,682 women under his command).

The rule prohibited:

...becoming nondeployable for reasons within the control of the soldier," including "becoming pregnant or impregnating a soldier ... resulting in the redeployment of the pregnant soldier.

Probably because eight women got pregnant under his sexxxy command. While the rule said a court martial was a possible punishment, four of them got letters of reprimand and four were "not impregnated while deployed" so beat the rule. Ha! The men were not so lucky.

Of the men involved, three were reprimanded, Cucolo said. One, a sergeant, was given a more severe punishment of a written reprimand in his permanent file because he fraternized with a subordinate and committed adultery. A letter in the permanent file can affect a person's career because it is evaluated when a service member is considered for promotion. A fourth man was never reprimanded because the pregnant soldier refused to identify who the father was...

All this intrigue can now go on in the desert unabashed. So if the deployment's a rockin', don't come a knockin'.

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