Dec 21, 2009

Andrea Peyser Ridicules Dead Man, For Christmas [Evil]

As Christmas approaches and hearts across the world are warmed by good cheer, New York Post grave-pisser Andrea Peyser would like to take the time to piss on a murdered man's grave. She's a contrarian, what can she do?

The New York City Council has proposed naming a street after Sean Bell, the unarmed 23 year-old who was shot to death (not all 50 shots hit him, though) by perfectly innocent cops in 2006, on the night before his wedding. Andrea Peyser knows that this is just another liberal plot to "defame" our hardworking, hard-shooting police! And she got a quote to prove Sean Bell wouldn't have amounted to much, anyhow:

[Detectives-union President Michael] Palladino said a council-enacted "fantasy" has grown up around Bell. "Like that he was going to play for the Dodgers. The closest he ever got to playing for the Dodgers was buying a Dodger jersey in Modell's."

He wasn't even a real MLB prospect! So, no great loss. Andrea Peyser contrasts Sean Bell with fellow street-name nominee "Sugar Ray Robinson, the great boxer and an inspiration to youngsters of color." Actual quote!

Youngsters of color need to see streets named after only high-quality athletes, not scrubs who weren't even fast enough on the base-paths to dodge 50 bullets.

[Also Andrea admits in her column today to eating pussy. We know that was a Christmas present for us. Thanks for remembering, Andrea. We got you coal.]

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