Dec 21, 2009

2000s Less Popular Than Cheney! [Decade Form Hell]

According to Pew, 50% of Americans polled have a generally negative view of the decade that is currently limping to its miserable end. Dick Cheney left office with only 44% of people viewing him "unfavorably."

42% of Americans thought, in 2008 (in December!), that they were "undecided or hadn't heard enough" about a man who shot his friend in the face and then made him apologize for it, and of whom it can be said that that might not crack the top ten worst things he did in office.

27% of Americans have a positive view of the 2000s. Further, 57% of Americans remember the '90s positively (probably because of the song "Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe"), and, openly ignoring Craig Finn's pleas, 56% recall the '80s quite that fondly.

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