Sep 11, 2009

Which Actress' Girlfriend Is Forcing Her out of the Closet? [Blind Items]

Secrets. Some are ph-balanced for women, like this Sapphic star about to come out. Some are for men, like the actor hiding a love child. Some are unisex, like a couple keeping their political views hush-hush. We love them all.

1. "Apparently this married, former B list movie actress from some very big movies and still a very strong C is going to come out in the next few weeks. Her new girlfriend is insisting on it." [CDaN]

2. "We've watched this acting couple raise a family over the years. What we didn't know was that while he and his missus were in an earlier stage of their relationship, he had a brief fling that produced a child. The child's name is similar to the father's, but the last name is the mother's, so it's not obvious that they are related. The fling has been receiving money from the father for several years without any kind of legal agreement, and the amounts keep going up. Every time he balks at paying, the fling threatens to tell his wife. Play with fire and you're going to get burned." [Blind Gossip]

3. "This star is very conservative in their political views. They've even (allegedly) donated some of their own funds to help right-wing candidates. In order to 'spite' Obama and his so-called 'socialist agenda' this star bragged to friends of our source that they plan on ‘using as many plastic grocery bags' as they can, leave their ‘car idling every chance' they get and take 'some extra long and hot showers.' We're not sure how this politically thwarts the democrats, but it does prove a point that our celebrity is a moron. Not Heidi and Spencer." [BuzzFoto]

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