Sep 9, 2009

Thomas Friedman Demands Communist Revolution [Great Leap Forward]

Flat-earther Times columnist Thomas Friedman thinks we should probably "outsource" our form of government to China, where they have streamlined the whole process by eliminating the bit where idiots "vote."

No, seriously, he is outright saying that the autocratic one-party Chinese government is superior to our own. There is no equivocation in this line:

There is only one thing worse than one-party autocracy, and that is one-party democracy, which is what we have in America today.

And why are things better in China? Because the current "reasonably enlightened group of people" in charge of China, at the moment, can just impose "politically difficult but critically important policies" like raising gas prices to encourage clean power investment and so on.

So, yes, the party may be increasingly corrupt and full of the Princeling children of former Communist party officials, the party may stoke violence against ethnic minorities, it may censor the media and lock up journalists and cheerfully ignore human rights, but at least they can get cap-and-trade passed.

The rest of his column is about how the GOP is ideologically bankrupt, obstructionist, out of ideas, and actively damaging the nation, but prefacing that obvious point with one-party rule envy is a little bizarre. Friedman, you'd be the first against the wall in the Cultural Revolution!

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