Sep 11, 2009

Creativity Folded Into Ad Age [Media Crack]

In your unforgettable Friday media column: Creativity magazine folds, a high school paper bravely outs its school's Jesus-tainted food supply, medical journals are full of ghostwriters, and the WaPo's most infamous marketer resigns.

Crain is rolling the quarterly Creativity magazine into Ad Age. The Great Magazine Die-Off continues.

A high school newspaper scandal! That is always MONEY. A high school paper in the OC was totally censored by school administrators because it got a front-page scoop that the company the school hired to run its cafeteria is "a Christian company whose "mission" is to "serve God."" Outrageous! And the school was so skeered they pulled the paper! Good job young reporters. Expose these unscientific cockroaches wherever they may hide, especially within your cafeteria. We mean that.

A new study reports that America's best medical journals are plagued by "ghostwriting" from unaccredited contributors to medical studies. Yea, well. As long as they're not plagued by "making up science things."

Charles Pelton, the Washington Post marketing guy who came up with those brilliant paid advertiser-editorial "salons" that made the paper weep with embarrassment, has resigned from the WP because of some lie about his family and business or whatever.

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