Sep 9, 2009

Tributes to Walter Cronkite [Memorials]

A public memorial for longtime CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite was held earlier today at Lincoln Center. Here, a selection of the tributes, from two presidents and the remaining giants of TV news.

Bill Clinton got a laugh with his story of Cronkite showing him a small kindness during the Lewinsky nightmare.

Nick Clooney, columnist and father to George, told the heartbreaking story of Cronkite's last dinner out, at Patsy's. The whole room rose as he left.

And then President Obama, one of the younger speakers, spoke of Cronkite as a representative of a more honest and reasonable media era

(Jack Shafer will not like the bit of Obama's tribute that repeated the "Most Trusted Man in America" canard.) (It remains to be seen what Shafer will think of Obama's amateur press criticism.)

Cronkite died last July at age 92.

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