Sep 9, 2009

How to Get a Plug on Bill O'Reilly [Marketing]

Take a post someone else wrote about how awesome O'Reilly's "premium membership" site is, write some words around it, and publish it. That's what Mediaite did, and he actually spelled out Mediaite's unpronounceable name for his mouth-breathing viewers last night.

Yesterday Mediaite linked to a post by Steve Outing pointing out that O'Reilly's pay site is actually a good potential model for how to make money from news. Outing prefaced the post with this: "Disclaimer: I think Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly is a big-mouth wingnut who spouts dangerous ideas."

Mediaite linked to it, but without any of the stuff about how O'Reilly is an idiot, and O'Reilly responded in kind: "We like this web site, Mediaite, because they seem to like us. They posted an article on why membership is a great deal.... Check it out."

And they did! Here's a comment the Mediaite post got after the plug:

Except they're not real Americans! They're Canadians.

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