Sep 9, 2009

After Sparrow Madden, What Celebrity Baby Names Are Left? [The Name Game]

Nicole Richie just had a baby boy. His name is Sparrow James Midnight Madden. We love that celebrities don't give their spawn normal people names.

But with Sparrow, Shiloh, Apple, Bluebell, Blanket and Kal-El all snatched up, it might seem to the new celeb parent that they are running out of insane name options. To help the busy model/actress/mother save a little time leafing through the thesaurus, we've suggested a few ready to go names for the next generation of Young Hollywood.

  • Old Latrobe Kardsashian
  • Dodo Centrifuge Simpson-Wentz
  • Moustache Pandaboy Gosling
  • Great Dane-Gayheart
  • Michelin Sapphire Klum
  • Chinoiserie Dymphna Jolie-Pitt
  • Hardy Henson Affleck
  • Revenge Validation Aniston
  • Sophocles Giraffe Diaz

And, in the unlikely possibility that Ryan Seacrest stickst it to a lady and gets her knocked up:

  • Tentacle Lavendar Seacrest
  • What have we left out? Tomorrow's celebrity parents need your help? Post your suggestions please!

    [Image via BBaunach's Flickr]

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