Aug 24, 2009

'It Would Be Great to Mate Me With a Black or Asian Girl and See What Happens' [Arthur Kade]

Philly pseudofameball Arthur Kade is constantly forced to top his own previous heights of assholedom just to maintain his ongoing performance art project. He does this by appearing ever more insane. Taint hair complaints are okay; but this is sublime:

My trainer and I were walking in the protein aisle of the store today and noticed a VERY fat mother with an even fatter child and I said to him, ‘Please explain to me how that happens? I want to take the kid, and throw him into a boot camp in Florida, and make him work it off in a week by making him run, work-out, and starve him", and he responded, "Maybe it's just baby fat and he will get thinner over time", and I got angry and said, "Judging by the mother, I would say, ""Don't Bet on it, so I am going to say something to her"" and he stopped me because I was running late. I became so enraged because I am still not sure if I want to have children, but think it would be a good idea to reproduce and create a Kade Style legacy (I want to have a child who replaces me like Charlie Sheen did for Martin) because I would be the best parent and give my child everything I didn't have (I would want my child to have my genetics with looks, depth, and charm, but the mother's warmth and sensuality, and I have even considered auditioning women that I think have a cool look so that I could create a "Mixed/Mulatto" kid, so that he can look super unique and carry on my acting tradition. I think because I am Italian/Greek Looking ,it would be great to mate me with a Black or Asian girl and see what happens), and if I had one I would make sure it works out twice a day, goes to the best schools, dates the hottest girls/boys, and most of all lives it's dream like it's father. I wanted to take the mother and shake her and say, "Look at your fat kid!!!!, He's disgusting like you!!!", and then push her cart to the Dieting section and buy her the food I want her to buy him to eat.

And then he posted a photo of the lady and child in question! I'm really starting to respect this guy's work.

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