Aug 25, 2009

Arizona Still Crazy [War Between The States]

Yesterday, we asked: "What's up with Arizona?" And we asked because of Steve Anderson, the Baptist preacher who prays for Jesus to kill the president and thinks gays should get the death penalty.

We neglected to mention that this same insane preacher caused a bit of political cognitive dissonance earlier this year when he complained of being illegally stopped and searched by the border patrol (who've been granted extra-constitutional authority to search and seize thanks to the anti-immigration and anti-drug fervor of, you know, the sort of people who wish Jesus Christ would kill Barack Obama).

But we also wanted to mention one more story from Arizona's recent campaign for "America's Most Underrated Crazy State": Someone in Phoenix used Cash for Clunkers to dispose of a murder weapon!

Phoenix police say Kissida was driving his light blue BWM 325i shortly after midnight Aug. 8 when he hit 52-year-old bicyclist Charles Waldrop, who was riding home from work. Police say Waldrop's bike had lights and reflectors.

Later that day, Kissida allegedly tried to use the Cash for Clunkers program to trade in his luxury car - telling a dealer that his BMW was damaged when he hit a javelina, a pig-like desert mammal.

Why is Barack Obama trying to kill Grandma, the Constitution, and cyclists?

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