Aug 27, 2009

Which Star Has a Sticky-Fingered Drug Dealer? [Blind Items]

We may have guessed which stars ran afoul of their dealer. Can you? Or do you know which celeb has crippling stage fright and who is a bad mother? You better tell us, or we're not giving you your fix.

1. "This blind item is going to be phrased as a piece of advice. If you pay your drug dealer on time he won't break into your house and take your things. Just saying." [CDaN]

2. "You would think that an actor would be the last person to suffer from stage fright. However, don't ever expect this young actor to perform on Broadway or to film a television series in front of an audience. Crowds make him nervous. He is even genuinely scared to attend meet and greet appearances. His hands shake so badly that he would rather pose for photo with a fan than sign an autograph. Perhaps his evenings spent partying are an attempt to calm his nerves?" [Blind Gossip]

3. "Which Celebrity Grandpa with a Celebrity daughter has been taking care of his daughter's child because he deems her an unfit mother? Not Lionel." [BuzzFoto]

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