Aug 25, 2009

Which Action Star's Gay Make Out Session Is No Stunt? [Blind Items]

There are closets and then there are closets. One bald former big shot is relying on everyone keeping his man-on-man cavorting a secret. Also coming out, the skeletons about one star's taste for hookers. Really? Do tell!

1. "This would certainly confirm some long term rumors. This bald, male, former A list action star and now a solid B in movies only was spotted at a house party this past weekend making out with a guy. The thing about it is he wasn't trying to be discreet at all. There have to be some pictures of this because there were just too many people at the party." [CDaN]

2. "This under-40 primarily film actor is unmarried, so he certainly can date whoever he wants. However, the kind of girl he prefers dates for a living. He likes the fact that he can have them do whatever he wants with no strings attached and no fear of tabloid tattletales. However, one little detail has slipped out. While some men want the "girlfriend experience", our guy wants the "fan experience." His idea of warming up includes having the girl/s (sometimes more than one) clap and scream out his name like an admiring fan, and then chase him around the house begging for his autograph. We thought he was getting plenty of that in real life. Obviously his ego is a bottomless pit." [Blind Gossip]

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