Aug 28, 2009

Web 2.0 Proposal Produces Twitter Storm [Geek Love]

The proposer: Adam Hirsch, COO of geek business hub Mashable. The courted: Sharon Feder, Mashable's Managing Editor. The location: On stage at the Social Good conference at the 92nd St. Y. And the verdict?

A complete success, from a social networking standpoint; word of the proposal filled fully 11 pages of Twitter search results, or 165 tweets, including half a dozen between the kneel and the young lady's answer. One, Allie Burns, snapped the picture above and quickly uploaded it to Twitpic. For a cohort that increasingly judges itself through the very narrow lens of Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, YouTube, Vimeo and other social networks, that sort of visibility makes a moment very special indeed.

As for the actual real-life verdict? She said yes. And if these two managed to work at Mashable and co-found canine networking site My Social Dog, well, then there's no wild dream their imaginations can't bring to life.

After the proposal, by Leora Israel:

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