Aug 28, 2009

Andy Cohen Treats Barney Frank Like a Trained Monkey [Frank Talk]

U.S. Rep Barney Frank is gay, zany, and he says sassy things on TV. He's just like a Bravo reality show personality! But that doesn't mean Andy Cohen had to treat him like one.

Last night, Barney Frank called into the Bravo honcho's masturbatory talk show (and our favorite 30 minutes of the week). At first, we thought Cohen would use the time to talk about important things and not about, you know, himself and Bravo. He even got Frank to say he would not run for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat. That's like, almost news!

It lasted for about a minute before Cohen humiliated the Congressman into playing "House of Representatives or Real Housewives." We give Frank credit for being game but also for not pretending like he was in on the joke, he was obviously not amused. Nor were we.

In fact, the whole thing was a little cringe-inducing, especially because Barney Frank is an amazing guy and Cohen seems like he is completely immune to embarrassment. Frank is smart, witty, and quick with a quip, but he is also deadly sincere. It's not like he's some lightweight like Anderson Cooper who will come on and makes some jokes about Kim's wig and then go back to work. Frank only wants to talk about very serious subjects. Indulge him a bit, Andy. It might be the most enriching 3 minutes to air on your network all year.

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