Jul 22, 2009

Which Hotel Heir Is Slumming It With a Reality Star Beau? [Blind Items]

Today we have a young... baron (?) of the hotel industry puttin' the blocks to some hunky reality star, a TV actress who is cheating on her hubby, and a power couple that's splitting up and moving on.

1) "Which allegedly bisexual hotel heir is getting it on with an N.Y.-based male reality TV star?" [NYDN]

2) "This married B list actress from a hit network drama who dabbles in movies is cheating on her unsuspecting husband with a producer from her most recent movie. That relationship isn't that serious, but it is still cheating. You would think her husband would catch on since the only time she generally wears her wedding ring is when she is physically with her husband." [CDaN]

3) "The attorneys have finally hammered out an agreement! We're finally getting close to the announcement of a split of this couple. Have you noticed how few photos there have been of them together lately? Half this couple is on a project that requires travel. The other half joins them fairly frequently, but it's really just for the sake of the children. They both have outside relationships. He has a new - albeit temporary - boy toy that his boyfriend is not too happy about. She has an extra man in her life but is afraid to be seen with him before the announcement. No need to feel bad for her, though. She will be doing a happy dance soon enough. Dance, girl, dance!" [BlindGossip]

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