Jul 20, 2009

New Social Network to Make Capitol Hill Socializing Even More Incestuous [Social Networks]

National Journal has announced the development of 3121, a social network "exclusively for congressional members and staff." Because Congress is just too in touch with its constituents, and Capitol Hill workers rarely socialize together! Of course, this will fail.

According to Metcalfe's Law, the value of a social network rises with the square of the number of users connected to the system. This helps explain why it's impossible to beat Facebook simply by being more selective, as Harvey Weinstein has learned learned with his flailing Facebook for rich people, ASmallWorld. At ASmallWorld, it turned out the rich guys weren't so interested in an online club where they couldn't meet less-than-rich young ladies who would be impressed with their wealth. And once you let in a few hot poors, you're basically like a tiny, sadder version of Facebook.

We're guessing 3121 will be done in by the same issue. Sure, Hill staffers might be mainly just screwing and hiring one another in a giant inbred clusterfuck, but everyone likes to maintain hope of one day nailing or working for someone on the outside.

(Image via Wonkette)

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