Jul 23, 2009

Madonna Runs Out of People to Rip Off, Returns to Marilyn Monroe [Recycling Bin]

This is the cover for Madge's new greatest hits collection. Well, it's more like the greatest hits of Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol, and late-80s Madonna chewed together, swallowed, and puked back up again. Mother of reinvention our ass.

Well, she will be reinventing her songs "Everybody," "Express Yourself," "Vogue" and "4 Minutes," for the album, Celebrations, which comes out this fall, but the cover art really is nothing new. According to a press release the image was created by a street artist called Mr. Brainwash. He could probably use some more brain and less wash, since the first lady of pop did the Marilyn thing better in the "Material Girl" video back in 1985.

Why not just use a picture of her crazy, yoga-toned arms clutching her 20-year-old Latin boyfriend and an African orphan baby? That's the kind of envelope pushing we expect!

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