Jul 24, 2009

Have the Rockettes Kicked Their Last Can-Can? [Mixed Signals]

CityFile seems to think so! They ran a story saying that Jim Dolan, whose Cablevision runs Radio City Music Hall, is considering shutting down the long-running Christmas variety spectacular. But now the Rockettes have said that CityFile's got it wrong.

A Madison Square Garden spokesman tells Daily Intel that the show isn't, in fact, suffering perilously low sales this year (economy died, 'member?) and that the Christmas clusterfuck will continue forever and ever:

This story is fundamentally false, completely irresponsible, and preposterous on its face. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular will go on this year and every year for the foreseeable future. We anticipate 2009 will be a successful season and look forward to creating memories for families for years to come.

He also reminded doomsayers that a million people see the damn thing every damn year, so the eerily similarly-heighted dancing automatons will keep on kicking until further notice.

CityFile stands by their story, saying they've got two reliable sources on the inside who both confirm that Dolan is considering shuttering the show and bringing in Cirque du Soleil. Because nothing is more American (America being where Christmas was invented, obviously) than French-Canadian homosexuals gyrating to emo New Age synth music.

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