Jul 23, 2009

Which Druggie Actor Got Beat Up for Peeing In Some Dude's Car? [Blind Items]

Today we have just two little items, one about a drugged-out actor who decided the best thing to do was pee in a car, and the other about a designer with a nasty mean streak.

1) "This actor is C list. He is on a hit cable show right now but was doing primarily movies before this role came along. I expect he will keep climbing the ladder but incidents like the one which happened this past weekend will probably not help. Our actor was at a party and was snorting meth and coke and whatever else he could find. He then left the party with a friend. The car was blocked in by another car illegally parked. The friend went back inside to find the owner of the car. When the friend came back out with the owner they found our actor standing with the drivers side door open and marking his territory throughout the car. He then proceeded to get his ass kicked by the owner of the car." [CDaN]

2) "Which cheating designer humiliated a "model" date he brought to a party when he was still supposed to be married to his wife? Having paraded the poor girl in front of his friends, he turned on the aspiring model and told her she was too fat, couldn't "walk" (meaning the runway), and "looked like [bleep]." His New York pals were mystified by the crass behavior." [BlindGossip]

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