Mar 10, 2014

You can also run a marathon

In the vast majority of people view, running a marathon was one of those "in this life I what matter" feat, very far-fetched. And fly into space, mount Everest, actually visited the seven wonders of the world compared to those aspirations, the difficulty of running a marathon much smaller - does not need to spend a lot of money, don't have to wait a long time.
In fact, you can say that: even if you are zero starting point, just prepare one or two years time, you can run a marathon. But there are three prerequisites: not too fat; Cardiovascular and leg injuries; Guarantee of mileage.
If a year ago, you told me, I will think you are kidding me; If you to half a year ago, I think you don't understand me. But now I am convinced that running a marathon is really easy, most people can do it. Gu: we call it "the first law of running".
Next from belong to the kind of person who lack of exercise cells: fear of gym class at school, always struggling on the edge of the line between sports results. Adult besides occasionally swim swim, play badminton, basic not to take part in sports activities, has no interest in the sports games on TV. Later realized they sit much less, a little bit of sub-health, also want to run, but the air quality in Shanghai has been let my heart creates.
On April 21, 2012 at 8 PM, I finally decided to off psychological burden: "CARES, ran a try!" So the badminton shoes on, and ran a circle at home near the road.
Learned later that same day night in the shandong somewhere, there is a blind friend also climbed over the fence, struggling to run. , of course, I didn't he run so far, only about 2.5 km, and finally a third or a walk - it can't run.
The second day night, I force myself to put all the 2.5 km run down; On the third day go run 3 kilometers, the fourth day and all run... As long as you step by step, any target is no longer far away, this is a people come to the conclusion that the second law of "running".
Soon I changed my stadium, every time more than the last one lap. On May 2, for the first time ran out of the 5 km, 5 days later can run eight kilometers. For five days, and for the first time I ran 10 km, takes 1 hour and 4 minutes (more than 18 minutes now the best result of slow).
Marathon is overcome, but I haven't thought about running a marathon. I tell myself: don't run a marathon runners, are not necessarily is not a good runner; Running fitness, enjoy it. But soon I found "running third law:" the vast majority of runners, sooner or later, running a marathon.
Why is that? Because running is a constant process of inspection, challenge themselves, and the ultimate test of the runner and the challenge, must belong to the marathon. In addition, after running your contact person, access to the BBS of almost all talking about the marathon, too difficult for you to "hold up". Marathon and running, can be addictive, stop.
On May 19, 2012, early in the morning I was alone along the suzhou creek and huangpu river, Shanghai two waterway ran the first private kitchens "marathon". Is another milestone in the same year on September 9, 42.195 kilometers in yantai to complete the first full marathon race. Although has never run more than 30 km distance, but not too bad: 4 hours and 37 minutes, men's 142th.
Since then I have at least a marathon each month, less than half have been running for seven years. The most densely populated record from November 18, 2012 to December 2, three consecutive weeks in guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, three marathon. Wide the horse in the personal best: 4 hours and zero 5 minutes. Two with a cold was running after, although a personal and worst times poor grades, but they all adhere to the finish, not to sit for the car.
As of January 2014, I completed a total of 12 the whole horse, horse two and a half and five motocross, 50 km from 27 to each; Best time is in November 2013 in hangzhou marathon in 3 hours and 38 minutes.
Monkey above mainly talk about the psychological, to demonstrate the possibility of a monkey from the data.
As I examples show that, as long as you start running, will soon be able to run 5 km; As long as you can run 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers is not a problem; And once you have the ability to run a 10 km, 21.1 kilometers of half horse salience. To smoothly run completely, of course, best can guarantee a month from 150 to 200 km mileage, equivalent to 5 to 7 km a day on average.
Marathon have closed time - after this time, the staff will no longer wait for you, the police is no longer a road. China's marathon shutdown time of 6 hours, equivalent to an average speed of 7 km. Most people walk is 5 kilometers per hour, running about 10 kilometers per hour. This means that you only need to run half and half, will complete the game. 2014 years ago in xiamen marathon close up to 7 hours - Tokyo marathon is still such, an average speed of 6 km, that is to say as long as you walk fast, can be finished with brand.
How, do you also want to try? Statement: this article discusses the just "may", not "assurance". If you comply with the three premise condition, the last is still unable to complete a marathon, or monkey ran out of the question, I will not bear any legal responsibility.
Running a marathon, you can do it!

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