Mar 12, 2014

Two women's Boston marathon

E.g., the name of the Boston marathon, running circles: it is one of the world's six marathon grand slam (another five to New York, Chicago, London, Berlin and Tokyo), is famous for its registration threshold high, is considered a "runner's mecca". Last year's terrorist bombings added a bit more it pathetique.
Since 1897 the first wave of the horse, however, a 75 - year long years, it is a stubborn bastion of male chauvinism, women have no qualification to compete.
Of course, this is also a reflection of the society as a whole concept at that time. The time it is generally believed that women are biologically cannot afford the marathon such a long run. When the amateur athletic federation recognition of women's longest distance, race was only 1.5 miles (2400 meters)!
In 1967, a man named Catherine, wei ce, 19, a female college student sex discrimination determined to break through the net. The Syracuse, New York university journalism student and athlete to persuade the first person, is she ran 15 times wave horse coach.
Marseille in the first three weeks, she tried to run 42 km with the coach. Run after her feel relaxed, therefore added to run eight kilometers, let the coaches have nothing to say.
Next, she with her initials "K.V.S witzer" registration - don't see gender, and not lie about. Then on the application form of "gender" column, also do not need to sign up performance threshold; Registration fee for $3.
Later, wei policy argue that doing so is not intentionally mislead the organizers, because she write an article in the school, it all the time signature.
Game, on the day of her don't printed on "Keith witzer" and "261" number cloth, mixed in the midst of the crowd wearing very much the same, in no event officials was the run. But not on the track to run for a long time, she was found.
Burly tournament officials Jock Semple step blunt come over, grabbed her shoulders backward push hard, scold a way: "get out of my game! Give me the number clothes!" (Get the hell out of my race and difference me those Numbers!) Said it tore her number cloth.
Si wei ce again surprised and frightened, "pants are a little wet. She tried to run away, but clothes firmly seized by the other party. Her coach came to persuade also invalid.
At that time, swift policy together boyfriend Tom miller, put on a "hero save beauty" : the weight 107 kilograms of former American football player hands yun jin qi, Semple flying out to the whole person, fell on the sidewalk. Miller shouted at his girlfriend: "hard run!" (the Run like hell! This scene was photographer to capture, at that time sensation all over the world.
Finally, wei ce finished nearly 4 hours 20 points (this is far from her normal level: in 1974, she won the New York marathon with 3 hours and 7 points women's champion; the following horse ran out in a wave his record of 2 hours, 51 minutes, won the runner-up). Miller also embrace get beauty return - and she got married (although eventually divorced again). This is another story, don't press the table.
In fact, si wei ce is not the first woman to run the Boston marathon. The glory belongs to Roberta, Gibb (Roberta Gibb).
In November 1942 gibb was born in a family, a professor at the university of Boston suburb. She was running the dog for a walk in the woods near the at home, run 13 kilometers to school every day after school. Was not designed for women's shoes, she had to wear a Red Cross nurse white running shoes.
Have been married and settled in California gibb wave in order to run a horse hard for two years, run about 64 km a day at most. In February 1966, she wrote a letter to sign up, tournament director reply declined, tell her "women do not have to run a marathon" fit time.
This can actually make gibb was determined to run: it is no longer her personal challenge, but more important social significance. The game will come, she sat four days and three nights of the coach, from California, San Diego back to parents' home in Massachusetts.
"St. Patrick's day on April 19," the event day, her mother drive her to start Hopkins town. Gibb wear swimsuit, protected by his brother's shorts and a blue hoodie, hiding in the start area next to the bushes. Set off after the shots, she wait for big forces in the past half, only out to import in the stream of people.
This without registration, the practice of direct entry, running circles commonly known as the "overlord" or "run". Other players quickly noticed she was a woman, but are very friendly and support.
In their encouragement, she took off his cap unlined upper garment, trying to run; The audience also rooting for her. Eventually she finished 3 hours, 21 minutes and 40 seconds, performance is better than two-thirds (125) in 415 participants, prove that running a marathon women is not inferior to men. The governor also shook hands with her and in the end.
After three years, gibb "overlord" run continuous wave. Women are also more and more to join the ranks. Wave in 1996 horse 1996 celebration, Boston, track and field association finally admitted gibb was the woman from 1966 to 1968, the first name, and reissue her a medal.
In gibb and wei policy after strong horse run wave, the amateur athletic federation tough response: first announced a ban on women to participate in the men's race, otherwise will be disqualified from women's game.
After a swift policy female runners for several years, such as Boston had the final concessions. In 1972, Nixon's visit to China, china-us relations in the ice of that year, wave a horse for the first time officially welcomed women to participate in. Now women runners have accounted for more than forty percent to wave the contestants.
Si wei ce later regrets: "now every time I go to the Boston marathon, wet shoulders were tears - many women would jump into my arms crying. They flow tears of joy, because running changed their life. They feel anything can do it."

from:洪立  两个女人的波士顿马拉松

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