Mar 10, 2014

CarPlay:Apple no longer think we overthrow

Always closed iOS finally began to extended beyond the mobile terminal, this time not wearable devices, nor the iTV, but a so-called "CarPlay" auto products.

Familiar with apple's friends must know that over the past few years in March is the season to update, but 2014 this spring, Swiss motor show on the eve of the apple made an exception. From the perspective of a release CarPlay products, apple not only not to be "subversive" any one enterprise, instead more like active to automakers out an olive branch.

Is different from the traditional operating system, vehicle system concept, apple CarPlay OS is not strictly, in short, it is just an iPhone to vest in the car, like Airplay, CarPlay can be understood as iOS link car a protocol, by this agreement, the user can call in the car on the screen, text messaging, listening to music, called Siri, use the navigation, and even open a part of a custom APP.

Why is apple gave an olive branch? House car founder li may explain very clear - "CarPlay is not involved in the control system of the vehicle itself, not contradict this car manufacturers, some basic LBS service iOS maps also can solve. When you want to use it, in other words, can use at any time, do not need, it is impossible to find any - continue to use the original car system, at the same time, it also can make more auto makers are willing to join the apple camp, far more than the car networking function of one or two of the most important.

From the current graphics and video from the point of view, the purpose of CarPlay is to remove the iPhone into the car and driver with multi-function steering wheel buttons, control panel device such as a car comes with can use many functions on the iPhone. Can say, in terms of security and user experience, apple with the most reasonable and popular way to cut into the market.

With the iPhone, the different positioning and entertainment areas, such as the car CarPlay dry is "human life", which is one of the reasons why the apple before entering the industry is more careful, rumours, the apple kick Google Map out of the iOS, apple in the Map, there is the idea in the field of auto.

Actually, the concept of "network" has been discussed, from the tesla Model S after launch, many companies are hoping to share in the great concept car, but in the IT market with the popularity of two systems: iOS and Android with success, and other system, hardware fine opportunity will be more and more small, everyone knows that two giant apple Google enters the automobile market for granted.

The first batch of CarPlay support manufacturers such as Volvo, ferrari, Mercedes cars, follow-up will include BMW, ford, general motors, Honda, hyundai, kia, Peugeot, Toyota, mitsubishi, nissan and so on, the product will be on display at the Geneva motor show this week. Another important player Google also not idle, early at the CES in Las Vegas in January, Google has set up a "open car alliance", the Allies including nvidia, audi, gm, hyundai, Honda, etc.

Predictably, the Android enters the automobile market is likely to be more "brutal" - further integration of the original system, but the Android on the security and stability, will still leave some doubts, this time, apple and grabbed a head start.

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